Clinical supervision is a mandatory requirement on all clinical and psychotherapeutic training programmes and an essential requirement for learning and professional development post qualification. Clinical supervision provides both an educative and supportive function that encourages professionals to discuss various aspects of their work in ways that facilitate thoughtful, safe, and ethical practise to flourish. The practice can offer clinical supervision services to a range of professionals including:

  • Counsellors

  • Psychotherapists

  • Psychologists

  • Psychiatrists

  • Nurses

  • Social Workers

  • Case Managers

  • Community support staff working with individuals with complex needs

  • Crisis intervention staff and teams

Supervision offered by Dr Milburn can be arranged on a regular basis or “as needed” by the professional concerned.  Dr Milburn is also able to offer supervision to small groups of professionals seeking to maximise their experience of supervision by using a group, whilst dividing the cost.


Consultation is also available to individuals or organisations working with children, such as teachers, social/youth workers and mental health professionals working in the areas of neglect and/or abuse, trauma, looked after and/or adopted children, learning difficulties and disability, and chronic, acute or long-term illness.  Consultation may follow an assessment of a child to support the implementation of any recommendations, or may address specific concerns that an organisation has in providing care to a child or group of children. 

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