The Milburn Psychology Practice offers school based psychological asssessment and psychotherapy to children and young people in both state and independent schools in East Sussex. Milburn Psychology Practice provides a flexible and adaptable psychotherapy service that respects the ethos of each individual school or college, and compliments the existing pastoral care pathways.  Dr Milburn can work on the school premises or pupils can be seen at the clinic. The services that the practice provides are underpinned by knowledge of child development and attachment theory, which Dr Milburn believes to be essential to an understanding of children and young people. The Practice is easily accessible and able to respond quickly to the needs of pupils.

The school staff may seek support for their pupils who struggle with issues including:


  • Anxiety

  • Bereavement and loss

  • Changes to family structure

  • Depression

  • Eating Disorders

  • Loneliness

  • Learning/communication difficulties

  • Self harming

  • Parental illness

  • Relationships with/peers/siblings

  • Being away from home

Psychotherapy treatment

Psychotherapy provides children and young people with a safe and confidential space in which to talk, feel listened to, and empowered. Through psychotherapy, children and young people find new ways of coping and understanding themselves and their situation and they can increase their capacity for learning, improve their self esteem, and strengthen their interpersonal relationships.

Dr Milburn is also able to provide advice and support to parents, teachers and school staff.

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